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Swizz Beatz Enlists Young Thug For New Song-"25 Soilders"

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Article By: Ashia Skye

Swizz Beatz is offcially in album mode. His new album Poison will drop in November, and he’s been reminding the world every chance he gets. The newest reminder of his impeding album release is his new video “25 Soilders” featuring Young Thug.

The exciting new visual begins with the sound of helicopters and walkie-talkie conversations, and explosions. Next, we find Swizz and Thug in a post-apocalyptic war-zone. First, Swizz does one of his signature hooks. “I got 25 soldiers, 25 holsters/I got 25 soldiers, 25 horses (25)/Man, we ain’t about the games, we not about the games (game)/You know we ain’t about the games, we not about the games (not about no games),” he spits.

Next we get into Thugs asssociative bars. “Ape-shit, pussy, hashtag that/Red Lobster ask Beyonce, where the crabs at?/Big bloody, bang with 5, where McNabb at at?/.44 push your top back, where your scab at?” Thugger spits. Check out the “25 Soilders” video below.

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