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Eminem Unveils Marshall Mathers 2 LP Album Art Via Twitter Contest


Eminem recently unveiled the cover art for his upcoming The Marshall Mathers 2 LP…through a Twitter contest.

“Alright I’m gonna ask a trivia question…first person to get it right gets the #MMLP2 album art before anyone else” Em tweeted on 9/20.

The question that unlocked the artwork was: “What street did me & Mr. Porter…

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Possible Aaliyah Album In The Works?

Could we be getting another Aaliyah album in 2012? Almost eleven years after her tragic death, it was hinted that a new album for the fallen angel might be in the works

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50 Cent To Release New Album On July 3rd Regardless Of Interscope Support

50 Cent is not going to let his 5th studio album, get pushed back. The G-Unit general has revealed that his new, untitled LP will drop on July 3rd, regardless of his label Interscope’s support.

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Lupe Fiasco Cancels His Latest Album?!

Lupe took to Twitter to announce that his upcoming album has been cancelled

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In The Studio: Ryan Leslie Creates New Song From Scratch + Performance

Ryan Leslie crates a new song ’5 Minute Freshen Up’ from scratch in the studio, playing all instruments himself. He then invites a fan who he picked on Twitter and performs the track for her.

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Nicki Minaj Announces International Tour Dates

After performing at the 2012 Grammys, Europe and Asia will be among Nicki Minaj’s next stops for an international promotional tour.

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Justin Bieber Makes ‘Huge Impact’ On Organ Donor Registrations

When a fan reached out to Justin Bieber on Twitter to help spread the word about organ and blood donation, one particular bank quickly saw more and more people in the giving spirit.…

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Diddy Hospitalized After Suffering an ‘Extreme Migraine’

Diddy was hospitalized early Monday morning (Feb. 13) with an extreme migraine.

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Justin Bieber Tops Lady Gaga For The Twitter Crown

Fans have dubbed him the Prince of Pop, and now Justin Bieber can lay claim to the title of Twitter King seeing as he just topped Lady Gaga on Monday night by passing her 33.3 million mark.

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