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Vybz Kartel and seven other convicts have not escaped from prison, a police official has claimed. The Internet has gone wild with accusations that the Dancehall artist escaped from prison, shooting and killing a guard in the process. He was reported to be on the run with seven other criminals who also fled custody during the riot. However, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Les Green, has told The Observer that he is not aware of any prisoners escaping from the Horizon Adult Remand Centre last night. “I know nothing about that. If that had taken place I would would certainly have known,” he said. Police at a station nearby the prison have also shot down the rumours, saying that the reports were most likely started by Vybz’s friends to keep him in the news. “It may be an attempt by his cronies to keep him in the news but they don’t need to spread rumours to do that because he will be in the news for quite some time,” another cop told the newspaper.

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