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Justin Bieber might be ready to start his long-in-the-works basketball film with Mark Wahlberg, but the movie star explains that no one will get on set until the script is just right. It seems that Bieber’s team is also waiting for the script to be finalized. “I sent [Bieber’s manager] Scooter [Braun] a text … The last time I talked to him, I said, ‘Hey, I need Justin to do me a favor.’ He goes, ‘Not without the script.’ So, it’s a process. Cutting those albums and doing those videos is easy, building a movie career is a difficult thing.” Wahlberg previously told us the film would be in the vein of the Martin Scorsese-directed “The Color of Money,” starring Tom Cruise and Paul Newman, with Bieber playing the rookie to Wahlberg’s mentor character. And pool, in this case, has been replaced with basketball. Little else is known about the plot. Before Bieber begins his acting career, he has lots of music-related business to handle. He will release his highly anticipated new album, Believe, on June 19 and will embark on a sold-out tour this fall.

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